Saturday, September 20, 2008

CMU faculty strike

Central Michigan University faculty have filed complaints of unfair labor practices against the Board of Trustees and may go on strike. The faculty and the Board have not been able to reach an agreement on the faculties' contracts and are far from it.

CMU faculty are unhappy with their wages and feel they are not getting paid enough for the number of hours they work. If they are still unhappy by the middle of October, they will go on strike and all classes will be dismissed.

For students, the strike will affect them more than they think. It means Christmas break could be cancelled. Classes will go on during the holiday if the strike lasts long enough. As for athletes, practices will have to go on without the coaches and seasons could be ruined.

The CMU football team is going for their third consecutive MAC championship. The CMU women's soccer team has held the highest GPA in the nation for the past three years. These teams don't want something they can't control to ruin their chances of success.

With time closing in and the faculty and the Board's continuing argument, this could mean hard times for Central Michigan University.

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Today's Scripture: "Those who fear the Lord lack nothing." (Psalm 34)


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