Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Golf Balls from Up Above

For my recreation programming class, my group decided on doing a golf ball drop for our fundraiser. For any of you who haven't heard of this before, here is what it is. We will sell raffle tickets with numbers on them. If you buy a raffle ticket, you get a golf ball assigned to you with a number. A date is set aside to get all the golf balls together and they are dropped from high in the sky onto a putting green. The ball closest to the hole or the ball that goes in the hole wins a prize.

We believe it is a good idea because it is simple and inexpensive. The most work we will have to do is marketing the event and making people aware of it as well as selling the tickets. It is also a good event because people don't actually have to show up at the event to win. So if there is a scheduling conflict with the consumers or the weather isn't good or they just don't feel like going, they don't have to worry! They will win even if they're not there. I think that will be a major selling point. It's difficult to get people to actually come out to an event.

However, our theme is yet to be decided. Instead of golf balls, we figured it would be fun to drop something else. We thought of tying Halloween into our theme and dropping something like skulls or bouncy balls that look like eyeballs. And instead of dropping everything on to a putting green, we could drop everything into a cauldron. We would have to set the date around Halloween and our charity would have to be okay with this idea.

We also thought of tying a charity into our theme. If we decided to donate our money to the local animal shelter, we came up with the idea of dropping dog bones or tennis balls out of the sky. For breast cancer, we could drop plastic pink ribbons out of the sky.

We also need to come up with an idea for how to drop our items from the sky. We have to be pretty high so that leaves us with a helicopter, a hot air balloon, a fire truck, or if we must, we have an indoor rock climbing wall.

So I don't know if we should make this so complicated for ourselves, but if we can figure this out, I think it will be a great event and we can raise a lot of money. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, they will be greatly appreciated! Or even tell me if you've held an event like this before and what problems you ran into or tips that made the event run well!

I am excited about this project and more information will come soon! Keep reading :)

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