Monday, October 13, 2008

Food For Thought On Election Day

For all of you thinking about voting for Obama, read this e-mail I received from an e-board member of the Michigan Tactical Officer's Association. This is just another reason I WILL NOT vote for Obama.

"To all,

I have read all of the e-mails from not only some of the MTOA board members, but from other Law Enforcement & Military personnel about Barack Obama's rudeness and what seems to be disgust for basically anyone in uniform. Well, it's my turn to add to the list of e-mailers and here it is:

So members of the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department, MSP, and other local agencies inside Calhoun County are working with Secret Service in the security of Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama's bus arrives in Battle Creek and pulls into the stadium area. Before Mr. Obama exits the bus, he has the Secret Service get off and tell all Law Enforcement personnel in uniform that they now have to stand behind the bus so Mr. Obama is not seen with anyone in a Law Enforcement uniform before he gets off or while in the public view. So, everyone from MSP, Sheriff's Dept., and other agencies looks at each other for a brief second, goes and stands behind the bus out of sight so Mr. Obama does not have to see, or been seen with, what to him is 'undesirables' since he refuses to been seen or even acknowledge Military or Law Enforcement.

At a time of war and terrorism in our world, this presidential candidate who is being protected by various branches of the military & law enforcement at the tax payers expense, refuses to acknowledge, be seen with, have in his photographed background, any type of Military or Law Enforcement in uniform.

But this is not in the media or headlines in the news. Why? I wonder what the story or media frenzy would be if it was Muslims, blacks,whites, Jews, or any other race, gender, religion, and/or occupation, that Mr. Obama refuses to be seen with or have around him.

Why would Law Enforcement branches make this up? Law Enforcement traditionally has had more funding under Democrats. Just food for thought leading up to November 4th."

Jason Kern
Michigan Tactical Officer's Association
Executive Board Member
Training Committee

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truejerseygirl said...

I saw your tweet on the politics page on twitter and checked out your blog. I just have to point this out (respectfully) - people in uniform are not supposed to be seen supporting nor endorsing candidates. This is why that police officer who was seen on tv saying "Barack Hussein Obama" while in his uniform is in trouble. I dont know that this is the reason Obama didnt want to be seen with officers in uniform - but it might be. Maybe he didnt want to get them in trouble if he was photographed with them?

Just some food for thought. There may be a reason behind this that we just dont know.

liveLaughLOVE said...

Thank you for your input truejerseygirl. That is a good point and could very well be the reason.

This isn't the only reason I'm not voting for Obama though. I just thought this was interesting and wanted to put it out there.