Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gotta get this in before midnight!

i am VERY hyper tonight and my thoughts are just bouncing around and I can't seem to think of anything of substance to write. But I am lonely and missing love. My boyfriend is 2 hours away and we're both poor and can't afford gas to drive and see each other. My family is 3 hours away and they are busy with work and they can't afford the gas to come see me much either. So I have been feeling lonely and sad lately.


I did decide that I would start doing a song of the day though. The song for today is The Ataris-Unopenned Letter to the World. I will have a song of the day everyday. I may even incorporate a quote of the day, but that's a lot of quotes and I dunno if I can find that many. But we'll see because I love quotes. Good night!

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