Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More PR in NC

Like I said, I would do some more research on internships available in the great state of North Carolina. I came across a few that sound pretty interesting. They are smaller internships that would be great building blocks to a successful start in PR. Like I said, everyone has to start somewhere and I will take whatever I can get my hands on. It makes me excited, but at the same time so frusterated because I still have school left to finish in Michigan. Blah! But I can't just drop what I'm doing and frolic off to NC. Here's what I found....

1. North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences: "Public Relations/Communications Interns may gain experience in writing, media relations, marketing and publication design. Interns may participate in grant-writing projects; Must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program and have completed four semesters of coursework. Graduate students may also apply. Experience and/or knowledge of field of internship. Grade point average of at least B. Enthusiasm/strong interest in learning about science education, environmental science, museum studies, research, etc."

2. North Carolina Special Olympics: "As a communications intern, you will gain experience in the following: Building relationships with the media, Writing, editing, proofing, Reporting/interviewing, Desktop publishing, Analytical thinking, Working with various computer software packages (Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Access), Operating in a business environment,
Nonprofit management Duties/Responsibilities: Keep current and accurate media database, Maintain photo files, Maintain statewide news clippings, Write press releases as assigned, Assemble press kits, Attend state-level events and interact with the media as assigned, Write articles for monthly and quarterly newsletters as assigned, Write athlete and volunteer profiles/ Web spotlights, Assist in implementation of national public education campaign as assigned,
Other duties as assigned by the vice president of communications
Qualifications: Good oral and written communication skills, Good organizational and analytical skills; attention to detail, Strong interpersonal skills, Good editing skills and knowledge of language, grammar, punctuation and style

3. North Carolina Aquariums: "Special Events, Public Relations and Visitor Services provide opportunities for qualified interns to gain valuable experience in the unique aquarium setting. Supervisors with extensive experience in their respective fields oversee each of these departments. Interns in these areas are expected to be meticulous and professional. Creativity is a must. A four-month commitment is required, Qualified individuals are assigned to specific projects working along side experienced aquarium staff"

4. North Carolina MADD: "General Office Intern: General Description: This position will assist the State Office with various programming and fundraising efforts, as well as special event planning. Duties may include contacting volunteers and sponsors, as well as dissemination of program materials.
Marketing/Public Relations Intern: General Description : This position will assist the state offfice in coordinating our marketing and public relations programs. It will assist us in implementing our PR efforts through working with local and statewide media, schools, law enforcement and community partners. This position will also assist us in marketing our programs, core events, assisting with newsletter writing and production."

I really think the Special Olympics one sounds the most interesting and I would love to do something like that. I should really look into my school's Special Olympics program and see if I can land myself an internship there before heading out to my dream state.

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